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Whether you relish the idea of an upcoming business trip or not, our top trip hacks will inspire you to achieve more!

Hack ~ “A strategy or technique for managing one’s time or activities more efficiently.”

1.      Planning in advance (where possible!)

An efficient business trip begins way before any ticket is booked or any luggage is packed. Although we appreciate some of those last minute business trips can’t be pre-empted, we know that a lot of business travellers are used to be being on the move and therefore can plan their trips in advance.

As travel management experts Travel Counsellors for Business are used to last minute and long term trip planning and will take the stress out of any last minute travel arrangements. It’s our job and we love it!

2.      Point building & rewards

Loyalty cards and point systems for travellers are often undervalued. Business travellers are pretty much on the go the majority of the time, meaning that having a loyalty card for frequent favourite places to eat and drink could save you money and also get you some freebies.

For business executives who regularly visit the same cities or prefer to use hotel chains, take advantage of hotel reward cards for potential upgrades, early arrivals and offers. Examples such as The Marriott Rewards, World of Hyatt, and Hilton Honors all continue to be some of the top programs due to their value, availability and benefits. They also have brand and name recognition behind them, allowing them to team up with other services to get you better perks.

If you are a frequent car renter look at car rental rewards – Enterprise and Hertz both have Plus Rewards programs that will get you perks and no blackout dates. Points won’t expire either, as long as you remain an active member. Hertz also allows you to use your points for miles with their partner programs.

3.      Explore

Visiting a new city doesn’t have to be daunting, it can be an opportunity to embrace a new experience, culture or even a new food type! A chance to explore new areas such as theatre, sports, museums, restaurants and galleries – along with exposing you to new cultures and experiences, it will also help to break up your trip giving you some potentially needed downtime.

Do your research before you leave, identify where your accommodation is located and check out what events are happening, what the local opening times are and ‘what’s on’ while you’re there. Investigate the travel routes or plan to walk and absorb more of the culture by foot. The world is your oyster!

4.      Keep your routine up

Working away from home shouldn’t mean that you deviate from your usual routine, in particular fitness and leisure activities. Make time to suss out how you can keep up your usual fitness routine and wellbeing activities that will help make sure that you don’t let what you enjoy, and what’s good for you slip.

Pack for some downtime, a change of clothes, fitness gear, your favourite PJs! Whatever it takes to get a bit of ‘me’ time while you’re away.

5.      Bring a pre-charged phone charger

Since calls and emails can drain batteries very quickly, advice for business travellers would be to keep a portable USB charger handy. Something easy to pack like the Anker PowerCore+ mini, or the  Mophie Juice Pack—a powerful charger that doubles as a phone case. An extra (fully charged) laptop battery can also help to prevent a stressful situation.

6.      Time Management

Use your time wisely. Business travellers spend a good amount of time waiting, but that doesn’t mean that time needs to be wasted. Plan carefully and have the tools to stay productive. Priority access to airport lounges help travellers to stay efficient, saving both time and money. Boarded and ready for take-off? Reach for your tablet to get some reading and background research in on whatever you’re about to do when you land. Just make sure you’ve planned in advance, since you won’t have Wi-Fi.

7.      Tech & Apps

Know your apps. Today, there is a never-ending supply of mobile apps that could be helpful on your journey, but make sure your key ones are ready to go.

As a Travel Counsellor for Business customer, you will have exclusive access to myTC which provides personalised information about all of your bookings and gives you a countdown of the days until departure.

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During your travels, myTC provides access to all of your travel documentation and itineraries, even when you’re offline. You can also contact your Travel Counsellor anytime, anywhere at the touch of a button. It couldn’t be easier! With myTC you can share your journey with others on social media. And if you’d like to shout about the fantastic service you received from your Travel Counsellor for Business, you can share their contact details with your friends and family too!

  • Google Translate can translate more than 100 languages and many of them offline (once you’ve download your desired language). Once your text is translated, the app makes it easy to copy and share the translation via social media, text or WhatsApp so you can communicate with those at your destination before you even get there. You can also save frequent or favourite translations in your own phrasebook for future use. The playback mode, where the app will speak the translation for you, is especially useful when you’re not sure how to pronounce your translated text.
  • Have your login credentials, payment methods and passwords properly stored in a safe storage system such as LastPass or Bitdefender. If the worst happens and you lose your device, your information is protected and safe.
  • A free Wi-Fi finder app can help Apple phone users find Wi-Fi, useful when on the go.
  • Zomato, makes it easy to find new places to eat with restaurant listings and review, menus and photos. You can even book a takeaway and eat it in your hotel room!
  • With Pocket Earth you’ll be able to find your way with detailed worldwide maps that are ready to use offline at the click of a button, allowing you to preserve your precious mobile phone data. There are also a variety of destination-based travel guides included in this app that you might find useful.
  • Just for fun… Star Walk 2 provides a night sky map – just point and learn!

If Travel Counsellors for Business can help with your business travel plans, please just give Katharine Cleall a call on 01202 802166.