Town Chamber Affiliation

Dorset Chamber works closely with town chambers across Dorset

Town Chamber Affiliation

Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry seeks to work in partnership with town chambers all across Dorset. Our view is that by working together as chambers, we can ensure the voice of business is heard, share, collaborate and share best practice. We can come together on issues of shared interest and promote the interests of businesses right across Dorset.

To support this partnership approach, Dorset Chamber has an affiliation programme specifically for town chambers. Affiliation provides an opportunity for chambers to develop complementary services, work together, share best practice and provide a platform for business engagement with stakeholders at a high level.

Principles of the Affiliation Model

  • The annual cost to the town chamber is £137, irrespective of the number of members the affiliate chamber has, and the cost goes to the British Chambers of Commerce, with Dorset Chamber making no commercial gain.
  • This provides the basis for a strong framework and strategic relationship between the town and county chamber.
  • The accredited and affiliated chamber will provide links to each other on their respective websites.
  • There are protocols in place to ensure the membership of each chamber is respected and not directly engaged by the accredited or affiliated chamber.
  • The affiliated chamber should provide evidence it is properly constituted and governed appropriately.
  • The accredited and affiliate chamber will not undertake any activities that would bring either chamber in to disrepute.

Features of Affiliation

  • Affiliation provides a direct link to the British Chambers of Commerce through Dorset Chamber. Dorset Chamber will escalate issues to the British Chambers of Commerce. Affiliated chambers have an official logo to use on all materials and website.
  • Dorset Chamber will host and run 2 town chamber conferences per year to engage key stakeholders, share best practice and discuss issues facing Dorset businesses. Up to 4 delegates from each chamber can attend at no cost.
  • Dorset Chamber will provide the affiliate chamber direct access and input into the national British Chambers of Commerce Quarterly Economic Survey. A specific field will be added to the survey so the responses pertinent to each chamber can be disaggregated.
  • Dorset Chamber will provide a press release with photo and circulate to the media promoting the affiliation and the town chamber. We ask the affiliated chamber to also share.
  • All members of affiliated chambers can attend 2 Dorset Chamber events at member rates.
  • Affiliated chamber members can attend Dorset Chamber training at Dorset Chamber member rates.
  • Dorset Chamber will publish selected affiliated chamber/ member press releases/ news stories in our newsletter – irrespective of whether the business is a Dorset Chamber member.
  • Dorset Chamber will establish a link to the affiliated chamber on the Dorset Chamber website and vice versa.

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