Board and Council

The Dorset Chamber council represent and provide a collective voice for all of Chamber members from across the county.

The Dorset Chamber Non-Executive Directors

  • Ian Girling
    Ian Girling Chief Executive (DCCI)
  • James Robinson
    James Robinson Honorary Treasurer (PKF Francis Clark)
  • Paul Tansey
    Paul Tansey President (Intergage)
  • Liz Willingham
    Liz Willingham Senior Vice President (Liz Lean PR)
  • Matthew Fretten
    Matthew Fretten Honorary Solicitor (Frettens LLP)
  • Phil Popham
    Phil Popham Non-Executive Director (Sunseeker International)
  • Stephen Mills
    Stephen Mills Junior Vice President (Mazars)
  • Vincent Boni
    Vincent Boni Past President (Newsquest)
  • Warren Munson
    Warren Munson Non-Executive Director (Inspire Professional Services)

The Dorset Chamber Council Members

  • Ian Cambrook
    Ian Cambrook Ambassador (Pidela Consulting Ltd)
  • Helen Stacey
    Helen Stacey Ambassador (Aspire Jobs)
  • Chris Palmer
    Chris Palmer Ambassador (Anytech Solutions)
  • Chris Slocock
    Chris Slocock Chairperson of the Abassadors (Minster Press)
  • Mandy Holford
    Mandy Holford Ambassador (Echo-U Ltd)
  • James Akin-Smith
    James Akin-Smith Ambassador (Action COACH)
  • Caron Khan
    Caron Khan Ambassador (Caron Khan Consultant)
  • Jason Gault
    Jason Gault Ambassador (TeamJobs)
  • James Lattimer
    James Lattimer Ambassador (Dorset Commercial Cleaning)
  • James Stelfox
    James Stelfox Ambassador (QuoStar Solutions Limited)
  • Nicola Newman
    Nicola Newman Ambassador (Ansbury Guidance)
  • Paul Collins
    Paul Collins Ambassador (Westover Group)
  • Kimberley Davies
    Kimberley Davies Ambassador (Trethowens)
  • Stephen Bendall
    Stephen Bendall Ambassador (Bendell Publicity Consultants)
  • Simon West
    Simon West Ambassador (Cowling & West)

Council Meeting Minutes

Member Benefits

  • We enable our members to raise their profile, build contacts and improve the bottom line
  • We can offer unique business support through our services
  • Our services include business advice and our International Trade Department advice
  • We offer Business Foundations and Training Tuesday workshops, aiming to develop skills in essential areas
  • Events are valuable for making new contacts and also building a great support network
  • We provide the opportunity to network across the country and beyond

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