A unique and dynamic team. We seek motivated, proactive and friendly people.

We work as a team

The Dorset Chamber are a small team, a tight-knit group of friendly, talented and professional people. Every week brings something new and every week we work together to deliver real value to our members and the Dorset business community.

Our growing team is full of experience and are always striving to make things better, operationally as an organisation and in all of our service offerings and programmes to ensure our services are relevant and current to our members.

We are an independent, non-for profit organisation

We are dedicated to furthering our cause and to achieve our mission and are an non-for-profit organisation. All surplus revenues are reinvested into the organisation and not distributed to shareholders as profit or dividends. We are also independent and are not a part of any governmental programme.

You will play a part in the growth and prosperity of Dorset

Our team are dedicated to the success and prosperity of our members, advising them and supporting them through their journey. Through our varied service offerings and events programme, a Dorset Chamber team member make a direct contribution to the business community and the local economy. You have the opportunity to meet key people from our membership and learn about the needs of their business.

You’ll meet a huge network of people

With the amount of members signed up to the Dorset Chamber our network is huge, by working for us our employees benefit from learning about all the fantastic businesses across numerous sectors across the county and meeting the people behind them. This experience is humbling but also inspiring and something that few other organisations are able to do.

Latest Vacancies

Sorry, there are no vacancies at this time.


Member Benefits

  • We enable our members to raise their profile, build contacts and improve the bottom line
  • We can offer unique business support through our services
  • Our services include business advice and our International Trade Department advice
  • We offer Business Foundations and Training Tuesday workshops, aiming to develop skills in essential areas
  • Events are valuable for making new contacts and also building a great support network
  • We provide the opportunity to network across the country and beyond