Ban on evictions due to Coronavirus

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Many tenants and landlords alike have been questioning the impact that the Coronavirus will have on evicting tenants over the next few months.

Whilst the Government have made some proposals and announcements, nothing has been set in stone and it would appear to be a developing and ever changing issue at the moment. However, it is likely that a ban on evicting tenants during this difficult and uncertain period will soon become legislation.

Can I be evicted from my home at the moment?

Whilst nothing is set in stone, it would appear from recent Government announcements that landlords will be barred from evicting their tenants during this crisis. There has been no set implementation or exit date to this proposal, however it is highly unlikely that the Courts will be processing and progressing any eviction proceedings at the moment.

How long is the coronavirus ban on evictions?

This is expected to last for a minimum of 3 months, however this is obviously a fluid issue subject to constant review and change.

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