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You probably won’t be thinking about your end of year exhibitions at the moment.

With the country on lockdown, it is easy to forget that everything will go back to normal one day. But this isn’t an excuse for a holiday.

As the government enforce strict measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, including a ban on all gatherings, exhibitions have had no choice but to:

  • Postpone until a later date
  • Cancel until next year
  • Move online

The option that event organisers are favouring is to postpone their event until the end of 2020. This means that we are all still able to reap the benefits of exhibitions, however, Quadrant2Design are expecting calendars to become extremely busy. 

The March, April and June trade shows have been postponed to the end of the year, leading to a very busy winter for B2B marketers and people involved in the events industry. Rather than wait, use this as your opportunity to get organised and stay ahead of your competitors during these uncertain times.

Austin Rowlands, an exhibition expert from Quadrant2Design, recommends spending at least one year planning your exhibition. But sometimes that just isn’t possible. With these delays, you’ve been given a lifeline. Plus the chance to generate leads, increase brand awareness and position yourself as one of the big players in your industry at your end of year exhibitions. 

One of the benefits of taking time to plan your future events is that you are able to consider your businesses mission and values. No one likes doing anything in a rush, often it leads to irrational last-minute decisions.  As sustainable business practice has become an imperative part of operations, you should be considering sustainable options when it comes to your events.

Quadrant2Design’s custom modular exhibition stands offer a real-world sustainable solution to exhibiting. The Prestige Events System, that they exclusively supply in the UK, is reusable and reconfigurable. You only need one exhibition stand to oversee your entire exhibition calendar.

Custom modular exhibition stands offer a dynamic user experience that matches that of a custom-build. The difference is that at the end of your show, your custom modular stand get packed up and taken home rather than being sent straight to landfill. 

This type of system requires no power tools or substances that are toxic to our environment. They are lightweight and easy to transport in small, lightweight vehicles which reduces the carbon footprint of each stand. But you don’t need to compromise on graphics.

With floor-to-ceiling custom graphics, your sustainable exhibition stand will draw in crowds. These stands offer unique design features such as integrated audiovisual (AV) and in-built product showcases. These aren’t possible with a basic exhibition display. As well as being the most sustainable exhibition stand on the market, they also help you to have a successful show.  

What are you waiting for? Call them on 01202 723 500 now. There has never been a better time to start planning.