Dorset Business Volunteering Opportunity Supports Employee Health And Wellbeing

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Not satisfied with just providing mental health and employee wellbeing training Ouch Training Team are now actively seeking to encourage and facilitate opportunities for employee wellbeing.

After running our recent health and wellbeing event at Blandford Brewery we spotted an opportunity to encourage a spot of community volunteering. On a recent Mental Health first aid course one of our clients “Composite profiles” expressed a desire to improve employee wellbeing through the shared experience of community project volunteering. On the same course were members of Dorset wildlife trust. One organisation was looking for volunteers whilst another was looking for a community project in need of help. Ouch facilitated this connection by liaising between the two organisations and documenting their shared experiences through video. Getting your team to work together for a good cause is a great way to improve employee wellbeing and that is exactly what happened on 28 March 2019 at Lorton Meadows in Weymouth. Well done to Composite Profiles and Dorset Wildlife Trust, a fantastic example of what can be done when the people of Dorset work together.

Sam Dallimore from Dorset Wildlife trust told us “Conservation days are a great way for members of staff to engage with each other in a completely different setting and are extremely beneficial for their mental health and wellbeing. Just spending a few hours outside, immersed in nature has been proven by countless studies to increase participant’s sense of wellbeing and regular exposure to wild spaces has been proven to improve participant’s mental health. So it’s well worth investing a bit of time for your team and helping conservation charities manage essential habitats for wildlife.”

Joel Nurser from Composite Profiles told us “The DWT day was great fun and gave us the opportunity to relax and help a local charity.  I’m looking forward to visiting over the coming years to see how our hedge rows are getting on.  The opportunity to spend the day working on a community project gave me a real sense of achievement and something that I will look back on with pride.”

Dorset Wildlife Trust have lots of opportunities for businesses to volunteer, so why not contact them to find out more.