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Dorset Chamber work with bionanovate™ limited  to provide a Unique Sanitiser offer.

bionanovate™ limited based at Tower Park, Poole, has been selling their HOCl™  product to the U.K. Supermarkets and Pharmacies for their “own labels”, for the past seven years; HOCl™ kills all known bacteria, spores & virus, including Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus Pandemic will affect many people and businesses. Supporting our community, matters now, more than ever. We have decided to do a production run to offer our HOCl™ product to our “Friends & Family”, to keep them safe at this time and to help keep necessary business trading in Dorset.

Pro-active companies such as PKF Francis Clark Accountants and Scott Walby LLP Solicitors, have already provided their own teams with 50 ml bottles and they are using HOCl™ throughout their own offices and client spaces.

Working with Dorset Chamber we can offer a 50 ml hand sanitiser bottle for £3.00 including V.A.T. + £2.50 P&P.   (Minimum four bottles £12.00 still £2.50 P&P – Maximum eight bottles £24 still £2.50 P&P).  150 ml surface sanitiser bottle for £9.00 including V.A.T.  (Minimum Order Twin Pack £18 still £2.50 P&P – Maximum four bottles £36 still £2.50 P&P).

If you would like to order for your team, please view our Shop page on:  NATURES-PANACEA.COM/

We are assisting local businesses at this torrid time, so, these bottles are not for re-sale, unless to your own team and their family at the price paid.  HOCl will be delivered in a Jiffy bag (max. 8 x 50ml or 4 x 150ml) to the address entered on our On-line Shop.

If your employees are still working at a single trading premises, please phone or e-mail for larger quantities.  Please view our web-site: and watch our YouTube video: Natures-Panacea   HOCl  for further information about our product that not only kills Coronavirus but kills all known virus, bacteria and spores.  HOCl™ kills Coronavirus and is actually good for your hands, sanitising and healing at the same time and unlike 60% alcohol sanitisers, HOCl™ even kills the much harder to kill Norovirus   01202 659 523