Export live! Export documentation demo & latest updates

**FULLY BOOKED**There's a lot of changes out there for exporters to discover, so we've organised these short sessions to host an open discussion on opportunities and overcoming customs barriers. With Brexit on the horizon and recent changes in the EU customs legal framework (Union Customs Code), there's a whole host of challenges for businesses looking […]

Introduction to AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)

AEO status went live within the EU on the 1st January 2008, and although it's not currently mandatory, companies involved in the export/import process will have a commercial decision to make as to whether they apply for this Security and Customs status. This is not for the faint-hearted and anyone looking into the AEO standards […]

International Trade payment processes

This one-day workshop covers the five main types of payment for exports, from advance payment to open account, including Sight Documentary Collection, Term Documentary Collection and Documentary Letters of Credit. It includes the use of Bills of Exchange with and without documents.Over 75 percent of first presentations to banks against Documentary Letters of Credit are […]

Import starter

The 2-day course is designed to teach delegates about HMRC regimes and how to implement these correctly. You will also develop an understanding of the role HMRC play in managing the import process, the implications this has on you as an importer and the requirements from you in order to efficiently move goods into the […]

How to get the best from your Distributors and Agents

**FULLY BOOKED**As people are trained in various management techniques, we often attempt to exercise the same business practice and controls in overseas markets as we do within our domestic market and within our companies and corporations. Too often, the results can be frustrating.On this course you will learn about the routes available to market for […]

Incoterms 2020

**FULLY BOOKED**Incoterms or International Commercial Terms are a series of pre-defined commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) relating to international commercial law. Understanding is fundamental to international trade and this course covers not only a detailed view of the terms, but also the changes that will be introduced in 2020 revision. […]

Preference & Rules of origin

Goods are produced all over the world, and some may be the result of production in more than one country. It may prove to be a difficult task when trying to determine the correct country of origin. Terms like processing, undertaking or modification may not be substantial enough to warrant a change in origin, and […]

Import procedures

In recent years, manufacturing has relocated to countries with lowers production costs, many found beyond the EU. The affect is an increase in non-EU imports, which places more responsibility on those staff working in purchasing and shipping, whilst finance teams need to be aware of the impact of import procedures and HMRC regimes. Furthermore, many […]

Understanding exporting

As a potential exporter it is vital to understand the complex issues of trading internationally. Exporting is a process and needs planning with clear and focussed objectives, and those in the company who manage the movement of goods overseas need to be aware of their responsibilities. It's not uncommon for administrators, or even managers, to […]

Customs Duty relief (Inward Processing, Warehousing & End-Use)

Duty and VAT is applicable to all goods imported into the EU. However, there are circumstances where such taxation is not justified, and duty relief is applied. Explore how you can obtain duty relief on goods imported from outside the EU that are then processed and re-exported. Reduce your costs (not your profits!) and avoid […]

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