We’re all aware that the world is constantly changing and that this brings opportunities. On an international scale, China is still growing faster than most other economies. It is investing in an international infrastructure plan called the Belt and Road to maximise its economic opportunities for the 21st century and beyond. At a national and local level, relationships are being developed with China to create and develop further trade, cultural and political opportunities.

We are pleased to announce “China: Embracing Innovation” conference 2018. This conference will bring business leaders, civic leaders and other major stakeholders from West and East together, to explore the opportunities opening up through these relationships, and the Belt and Road plan. Keynote speakers from China and Bournemouth will be outlining their visions and future plans. There will be workshops for attendees to share their experiences and learn more about doing business in China.

This conference, brought to you by Bournemouth Borough Council and supported by Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry, brings together a range of international speakers and leaders on innovation and global trade to discuss the incredible opportunities China offers, enabled by the ground-breaking Belt and Road initiative. As well as taking a macro-economic and strategic perspective in the morning session, during the afternoon our speakers will also offer businesses sound, practical advice on doing business in China, including investigating new markets, e-commerce, understanding cultural issues and sourcing supply chains.


August 29, 2018

China: Embracing Innovation conference 2018

at Hilton Bournemouth


Date: August 29, 2018
Time: 0900 to 1630


Hilton Bournemouth
4 Terrace Rd, Bournemouth BH2 5BH

Telephone: 01202 714 800