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First on the market photography services with membership plans for SME’s

Anna Klesse from NU MEDIA HOUSE Ltd, came up with an innovative idea to create affordable photography for start up’s and small businesses. ‘It is difficult to start a business, develop a product, start selling services, especially first few years can be challenging. We thought to create an opportunity for those businesses who can’t afford large advertising campaigns; to support them at the very beginning with professional images for their websites and social media. High end advertising image of your product or service can move you up a level or few, so you can match the offer with large brands and win this competition. ‘ – says Anna.

Director from Fast Aviation Ltd, based at Bournemouth Airport mentioned about it: ‘It is a relationship building; I know I can rely on NU Media House. They help us create our revenue for us. They became part of our business in a way, Anna knows our mission, approach and what kind of photography we need to show our clients. We are a light aviation maintenance company-  we are aircrafts engineers. We are creative in terms of fixing a plane, not how to present our services digitally. I believe you achieve greater success when you trust professionals to do their jobs for your business.’

Anna start’s with a consultation to make sure to deliver what client really needs, to benefit their business – ’Not many people think about it, but ‘photography can make or break your business’;  you show your business as professional in every matter or you just try to do it.’

NU MEDIA HOUSE came up with 3 offers; first one is allowing you to boost your profile.  The last one on the other hand is all about your social media strategy, includes creating over 160 images for your social media channels with two photo-sessions within a year. It allows you to create festive sales, seasonal offers, gift vouchers, online sales etc. We photograph offices and people at work, products, details. You and your business matters, show your clients why and how you work.

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