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New research says 58% of adults are worried about data and privacy online.  However public trust of how companies handle our personal data is slowly on the rise.  The General Data Protection Regulation came into effect from 25th May 2018 in place of the DPA1998 and is enforced in the UK via the DPA 2018.

The legal obligations of businesses can be lengthy and arduous.  The areas of compliance are vast and apply to different types of business and dependant on what type of data they process.  Digital Compliance Hub was set up for this very reason, to help protect and assist businesses and keep up to date with how and why companies are being fined and how to avoid these pitfalls.

Mark Gracey, also affectionately referred to as Mr. GDPR due to his in-depth knowledge of data compliance and everything GDPR breaks down the regulation into bitesize pieces to enable business owners to action and ensure compliance is upheld to avoid action being taken by the ICO.

The Digital Compliance Hub organises regular workshops and webinars to combat the knowledge gaps that many businesses face.  Many are free webinars that can be accessed simply by reserving a space.  For more information see the Digital Compliance Hub events page.

Mark Gracey, Owner of Digital Compliance Hub:

GDPR can be daunting, and for that reason, many companies and businesses ignore it with terrible consequences.  My aim is to ensure other businesses big and small are compliant, stay compliant and above all do it with ease and can access knowledge quickly.”