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Grapevine are pleased to be sponsoring this autumn’s Bournemouth University alumni meet up event. It’s taking place at the new Urban Garden restaurant in the centre of Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens on Wednesday 18th September 2019 from 7:30 – 9:30am. It’s free to attend for all Bournemouth University graduates.

Grapevine have a longstanding relationship with Bournemouth University. In April 2004 they embarked on a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) with BU, which provided government funding to work with the University to develop their business at a time where the telecoms industry was on the cusp of significant advances in mobile technology. The KTP programme also recruited an associate, Paul Lappage, who later joined Grapevine as Marketing Manager, before emigrating to the US in 2011.

Following Paul’s departure Grapevine were able to access support from Bournemouth University once again, utilising the services offered by the Creative Enterprise Bureau based in The Media School (now the Faculty of Media and Communications), which provided marketing consultancy services delivered by academics and final year students. This led to a major overhaul of Grapevine’s brand strategy and informed their decision to acquire (and later merge with) locally based IT company, Tech 4.

This expansion in Grapevine’s portfolio, to offer fully integrated telecoms and IT services, was combined with the recruitment of Liam Toms, a Bournemouth University graduate, former manager of the Creative Enterprise Bureau and part time lecturer for the Faculty of Media and Communication. Liam manages all of Grapevine’s marketing communications activity, and has enabled the company to provide consultancy services to their client base that compliment their other products and solutions.

James Spinks, Sales Director at Grapevine said: “It continues to be a top priority for Grapevine to maintain our relationship with Bournemouth University. It has been key to the development of our business through the exceptional transformation of the tech industry that we’ve witnessed since Grapevine was established in 1991. We welcome future opportunities to collaborate with both BU and the network of alumni in our local business community”

Jonathan Goode, Head of Alumni Relations at BU, said: “Our networking events encourage graduates to reconnect with BU and to build connections with one another. As well as being great fun, the events are one of the ways which we can support the careers of our alumni. We are grateful for the support of Grapevine in sponsoring our next Dorset alumni networking event and look forward to catching up with graduates over breakfast in September.”

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