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In this Guest Blog, Trisha Lewis, business owner at Trisha Lewis Communication Coaching talks about delivering talks to students about Imposter Syndrome. 

Trisha is an avid supporter of Young Chamber, providing insight to personal communication skills, including presentation, networking and leadership skills.  Trisha writes:

“On a bright, chilly Thursday – the 17th of January – I spent a thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational day at Poole High School. I was delivering workshops to Year 11 students as part of the Futures Focus Day.

These workshops are designed to facilitate thoughts and conversation about that annoying and often debilitating form of pervasive self-doubt known as ‘impostor syndrome’.

I didn’t focus on the label though – in fact I described it as ‘feeling fake’. The fancy name is not the important part!

It is a very relevant topic to explore with 15- and 16-year olds – as much as it is with 30- and 60-year olds and every age in between of course.

I realised it was brave of this age group to embrace the spirit of the workshop and talk about feelings. The students in the 3 groups I worked with had picked this workshop themselves – so that was a good start. There was a complete mix of individuals – male, female, quiet, outgoing… just humans!

We talked about ancient wiring tricking us and the fact that feelings happen instantly and can’t be stopped! We explored how we then have control over our response to the feelings by pressing the pause button and getting forensic. We talked about the fact we are the boss of our brains in ways we often forget! It is these simple things that can make big differences. I know!

I really do know.  The reason I am passionate about doing these talks and workshops is that I have had to battle with impostor syndrome a lot! The good news is that I have acquired a set of management strategies now.  I also joke about my age… but with a very positive take on being older and wiser and feeling full of enthusiasm at the new adventures and challenges I am deliberately pursuing.

One of the best activities in the workshop involves paper and crayons! You are never too old too draw and colour.  The students got stuck in to personifying their ‘inner critic’ and ‘inner encourager’ – some wonderfully imaginative creations. They got the point of this activity – and I had a sense they would take that and the other insights away with them to ponder on and hopefully pull on over the intense GCSE months ahead.

Paul Tansey gave an inspiring and insightful talk to start the day. I was delighted that, without any collusion, his talk and my workshop had perfect synergy!

Delivering these talks to schools, universities, organisations, companies and groups is part of my business.  As a professional communicator I feel I am well equipped to get the message across in an engaging way – and I am convinced that self-awareness is a big part of becoming a high-level engaging and effective communicator. The inner-critic often comes up in coaching sessions. That is no surprise because I work with growth mindset, all round wonderful individuals!

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss these talks and workshops – or coaching.”

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