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The team of 27 professionals at Ringwood based IT Software Solutions company, KFA Connect are expected to have a few sleepless nights according to Director, Richard Austin.

This is due to the company’s policy to offer IT systems maintenance and upgrades at the time of day that would have the least impact on their client’s trading.  This advantage has been one of the reasons why KFA Connect has expanded this year and seen their turnover reach £2.7m.

“It’s common sense that scheduled deployments, in other words, the process of installing required changes to software, are made when there is the lowest amount of sales, trading and inconvenience to customers and the company’s own personnel. The majority of our key clients now request out of hours service for anything that will interrupt the efficiency of their business.”

Overnight deployments can usually be carried out from the comfort of the selected team members home without the need to stay at the Ringwood office until early morning.

“With careful planning and mutual agreement there is no real excuse for any business to put off the introduction of new e-commerce related software or system upgrades to increase efficiency and improve customer experience,” said Richard. “Our new team members are always made aware of our open all hours policy but assured that we never have pyjama parties in the office, unless it’s for charity!”

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