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Diverse Abilities has an exciting opportunity for individuals and groups to exercise their vocal cords in a bid to raise money for the Dorset disability charity.

Throughout May 2019 Diverse Abilities is asking the local community to take part in the charity’s singing month. Anyone from established choir groups, bands, pubs and clubs to schools and individuals can take part in this fun and engaging project.

Whether it’s busking in the street, organising a ticketed performance for friends and family or hosting a sing-off in school, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to make a difference and raise vital funds to support the charity’s services that support over 700 people across Dorset.

Diverse Abilities frequently use singing in its services, especially at its specialist school, Langside. Using song as part of a routine helps the children supported recognise actions, days, and repetitive tasks.

Jon Seaward, principal at Langside School, said: “We can all appreciate the power of music – it can make us dance, make us cry and can elicit great memories and responses.  The ability to appreciate and respond to music is usually unimpaired by disability.

“Finding ways to motivate children to work on challenging tasks or skills can be very difficult.  Music has proven to be one of the top motivators for children with a disability, whether using instruments or recorded music. Music is also a rich way to connect with a child and deepen the bond, but possibly more importantly for our children – it’s non-verbal.”

Local bands have already registered their interest in taking part in the Sing to Raise fundraising initiative. Rock band Skaema are performing alongside others at Chaplins & The Cellar Bar on 16 May, and Night Train are conducting a five-a-day busking tour starting in Bournemouth and finishing off in Bere Regis.

There are two events organised to launch and finalise the month-long campaign, both taking place in Wimborne Square. The launch event will present Wimborne bands, whereas the finale will present local choirs including Citrus Singers, Just Sing and Sound of Soul.

Nicole Warrilow, corporate and community manager at Diverse Abilities, said: “This is a really unique opportunity for people to get involved with their local community. By doing something enjoyable and entertaining, we hope that we can encourage people of all ages to get involved and raise money for children and adults with disabilities. If you love music, use it to help others by getting your group together or hosting an event.”

If you’d like to know more about Sing to Raise and have an idea of how you could get involved, visit www.diverseabilities.org.uk/sing or call Nicole directly on 01202 718266 to discuss your ideas.