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Whilst online and email chat servers have their place in workplace communications, digital signage can be incredibly effective in promoting workforce messages across single or multi-site operations.

Here are our top 10 ideas for enhancing workplace communication through digital signage;

  1. To celebrate – goals and objectives met, targets achieved, work anniversaries, birthdays, Mystery Shopper results, announcements, Net Promoter Scores
  2. To motivate – share compliments and positive feedback received, good news stories, reminders of perks and benefits, employee offers and discounts,
  3. To inform – digital signage can convey a powerful and visual message from please keep the kitchen tidy to important health and safety reminders
  4. To thank – employee hall of fame, employee of the month, job well done, going above and beyond the call of duty
  5. To advise – company infrastructure, company policies, rules and regulations, events, local information, travel problems, opening and closures, maintenance and service work, systems downtime, daily budget targets and progress against them
  6. To reinforce – company aims and objectives, customer service points, company mission, vision and values
  7. To promote – company offers, employee offers – useful for call centres to have a visual reminder clearly available
  8. To create – promote employee input, opportunities for new ideas, promote employee input, encourage participation in idea generation
  9. To engage – share industry news, trends and insights, promote training opportunities, share company KPI information, recognise the team and their hard work
  10. To recruit – advertise internal jobs, confirm promotions, advertise refer a friend scheme

Before rushing off to order your digital signage, create a well-structured plan that will deliver internal communication success;

  • Remove the friction – no one wants a bothersome system that’s difficult to understand. There are several software programs available, but our advice would be to keep it straightforward and simple. Employee participation is key, so they need to enjoy the view!
  • Keep the big picture in mind – in addition to all the daily stuff, use it as an opportunity to keep teams in mind of overarching goals and the bigger picture.
  • Invite feedback, make sure the system is working the way you wanted it to – achieving the goal you set out in the first place.
  • Send out the right information to the right people at the right time.

Thinking like a marketer is key in this scenario, employees and staff become customers and clients of the organisation. Approach with this mindset firmly focused and your employee engagement through using an effective digital communication [ergo marketing] campaign will pay dividends in staff morale, motivation and ultimately retention.

Which products are suitable?

Fixed displays

Wall mounted, pole mounted or hanging, single or multi-screen displays provide an effective communication tool for team viewing.  Place them in high traffic communal areas for greatest success.

Free standing displays

Free standing kiosks or digital A boards are an eye-catching way of directing your digital communication to specific areas of the building where you want your message to be seen the most. These stand-alone products are a straightforward all-encompassing way of promoting your company messages through digital display.


In terms of managing the distribution of workplace communication a distributed signage solution would work. Quad Vision recommend Wallboard as a solution, it’s just perfect for multi-site collaboration.

A fully integrated workplace communication tool such as Exterity enables any content to be delivered to a device anywhere in a business environment.

If you are not sure how digital display could enhance your workplace, talk to us, we’ll happily provide you with some advice and guidance to ensure make the right choices for your organisation. To find out more, contact