Intergage Appoints A Shadow Board Of Rising Stars

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Marketing agency Intergage has appointed a shadow board of rising stars to further strengthen its governance for the benefit of clients and the wider community.

Intergage’s six-person shadow board acts as a glue between the main board and the employees:

  • playing a key role in shaping the company’s vision, mission and culture code
  • ensuring that every Intergager has a voice so great ideas can be implemented more swiftly
  • speeding up communication and enhancing engagement
  • working on strategic objectives delegated by the main board
  • defining and promoting corporate social responsibility projects
  • advising on training and teambuilding requirements and budgets.

Leadership of the shadow board rotates. Every month the leader reports to the main board.

Poole-based Intergage’s managing director Paul Tansey said: “The new shadow board provides added lines of communication between the board directors and internal teams. This gives a voice in the boardroom to every person in the company.”

Shadow board members represented “a diverse group of extremely talented rising stars”.

They “play a pivotal role” in defining Intergage’s values as a trusted provider of marketing services to ethical and ambitious companies, added Mr Tansey.

“I am delighted with the progress that the shadow board has made in such a short period of time. Their over-arching mission is to help us build a company that everybody loves working in,” he said.

“The scheme is helping to build a better business – and providing our young stars with additional responsibilities and the opportunity to present at board meetings on a regular basis.”

For more information, contact Intergage managing director Paul Tansey, 01202 684009,,