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Are you starting up, scaling up, running or selling a business? Are you worried about something or have a business challenge? In today’s uncertain world having a thoughtful view on your business is invaluable. Mmm can give you that view quickly and easily, and at great value

Here’s what Mmm will do

  • Before meeting you Mmm will review your business ‘from the outside in’ – looking at you from the eyes of your customers and competition
  • We’ll meet you for three hours at your preferred location. We’ll do a fact-find on any internal or external challenges such as:

Business Plans – Strategy – Performance – Operations – Finances – People – Sales & Marketing – Market Conditions – Competitors – Industry – Legal –Political/Regulatory

  • We’ll make sure we understand your motivations and risk appetite
  • You’ll get a written evaluation with courses of action and clear flags identifying areas of concern as well as areas of re-assurance

All for £299* for DCCI members

Call 07879 400072 now, or email russ.taplin@mmmthoughtfulbusiness.com to book your appointment


*Any costs incurred in booking preferred locations will also be billed. Travel is charged at 45p per mile plus parking, or any tolls, tickets or taxes – but only if further than 20 miles from BH16. London and national cities are also available at the same price, but travel will be agreed before booking. Full terms are available on request.

Contact Name:

Russ Taplin

Contact Email:

Contact Phone:

07879 400072