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Do you know where a travel management company can add value to your business? Let us carry out a free travel audit and show you the benefits we can offer.

For DCCI members we would like to offer a free 2 hour corporate travel audit which would involve:

  • Full review and advise where cost savings can be made
  • Review of booking and reservation processes and suggestions made for streamlining
  • Carry out a risk assessment to ensure you are providing a duty of care towards travelling employees
  • Make suggestions on improvements to your travel policy or the implementation of a travel policy
  • Review employee authorisation processes


Did you know, using a good travel management company can benefit you by:


  • Ensuring your staff members adhere to policy
  • Saving expensive staff costs by cutting down the time spent in your organisation on travel administration
  • Boosting productivity by reducing the amount of hours your staff spend trying to find the best deal
  • Better negotiated rates
  • Improve flexibility – changed your plans? Why make multiple phone calls to hotels, airlines or transfer companies, when you can make one call to your TMC
  • Increased visibility – we work with you to review, manage and reduce costs with full reporting
  • Standardised processes
  • Support in an emergency

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