Phase 2 launch of Co-Lo and Rack Space in Poole


‘The Cloud you can touch’

This was the vision Director Wayne Simpson that sparked the idea of building a Tier 2 data centre in Poole.

Wayne states ‘The words virtualisation and cloud are often heard in the world of IT, never more so than in 2019. While most business owners are comfortable with putting their emails into ‘the cloud’ and using google, 365 and the like some applications they want to retain control of but benefit from not running these applications on their own servers in house, with the associated costs.

Juice Broadband spotted this niche. They can provide connectivity for customers moving their services into the cloud. They also offer a cloud service with a difference.

By allowing customers to offsite their service and instead of losing control of their data into a cloud, which can be stored anywhere, the server and data is stored in one of their data centers.

By opening a pop in Poole, customers are directly connected to the data centre, a bit like picking up a server room and relocating it into our facility, allowing us to worry about power, cooling and hardware issues.

The first services went live in August 2018 and they have delivered 100% up time and zero outages. These results are due to the POP being fed diversely from 3 different providers, Openreach, Virgin and a Microwave connection into the Juice Broadband network.

The next phase of rack space will be launched in December with the opportunity for local businesses for co-location and rack space.