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A valuable insight into the world of work

We want our students and staff to gain a better insight into the world of work. We want them to be able to perform well at interview (with strong CV and letter of application), to understand and develop the transferable employability skills that they need to be successful, and to understand the importance of life long training to enable them to adapt and flourish in a rapidly changing world.

Young Chamber has helped Lytchett Minster School to achieve these goals. It has helped with the following:

  1. Providing employers for Work Experience placement
  2. Providing business people for our Mock Interview days
  3. Providing business people willing to serve on the governing body
  4. Helping to create our own Young Chamber group, run by students for students. This group seeks to forge special links with local businesses and develop its own leadership skills
  5. Providing two of our staff with a day in industry
  6. Providing inspirational speakers to talk to large and small groups of students about their own career paths
  7. Providing employers to support our Careers Fair and Careers Talks

“Dorset Chamber’s Young Chamber has provided great opportunities for our young people to meet local business people and to gain a better understanding of the world of work and the skills that are required to be successful in it. I look forward to developing this invaluable partnership over the months and years to come”.

Andrew Mead, Headmaster of Lytchett Minster School


The school cannot afford the cost of a full time careers advisor. The present provision is inadequate with only a small percentage of students being seen. The advent of new and more demanding GCSEs has resulted in the school having to reduce its two week Work Experience placement to one week, as we cannot afford to have the students out of the classroom for too long.
There was no formal mechanism for gaining access to large numbers of local employers. Similarly business people say schools as distant and inaccessible.

How did Young Chamber help?

Dorset Chamber’s Young Chamber has provided the school with a fantastic network of employers who want to support our young people.
Young Chamber has helped raise the profile of the school in the local business community. It has also raised students’ and staff’s awareness of the opportunities available to them. We have run a number of successful events this year (Careers Fair, Mock Interviews, Careers assemblies, launch of the school’s own Young Chamber, Work Experience) that have all been wonderfully supported by Young Chamber.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

In the first sixth months of this academic year, our partnership with Young Chamber has really helped us to raise the profile of careers, employability skills and the world of work. We would like to develop this partnership and get more employers into school to speak to our students, or even better, to get groups of students out into local industry to see how businesses function.

We would also like to get more staff to spend a day in industry, particularly where it is linked to their own specialist area. We will be looking at the possibility of arranging this on a staff training day next year.

Young Chamber
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