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Yellow Buses driver Marks Nobrega turned in a winning performance to be named the country’s best driver from an independent operator.

The prestigious Bus Driver of the Year Finals were held in Blackpool and the Yellows had two entrants.

Those taking part had to show their skill in parking a bus to within millimetres and they also sat an exam.

Marks came ninth overall – out of a field of 82 – and was top in the independent category.

Stuart White was making his first appearance at the competition and came 46th.

Yellows managing director David Squire, who led a management buyout of the company from its French owners in July, attended the event.

He said: “Our drivers performed superbly and Marks was within a whisker of being placed higher because there was little to separate those placed 6th to tenth.

“There are around 100,000 bus drivers in the country so to have two of ours perform so well is something we are very proud of.

“Competitors had to leave every two minutes on the three mile course, which incorporated some manoeuvring exercises followed by a circuit, in normal traffic.

“Drivers were required to stop with precision at a number of bus stops, and marshals were stationed around the course to judge drivers’ signalling and positioning.

“It is always an extremely difficult series of tests and brings national recognition to Yellow Buses.”

Marks received a trophy and a cash prize for his top ten finish.