What Does It Take To Move Up To Director Level


It is one of the big leaps that defines a career – the move from managing people to leading as a company director.

If that move has been on your mind, you might be wondering whether you’re ready. You might also be asking how you can demonstrate that you are equal to the task – and what to expect when you get there.

Sally Bennett, Executive Manager at TeamExecutive says, “A lot of people have a director role in their sights, she states.”

Sally recognises the difference between a manager’s job and that of a director is all about motivating others.

“It is about strategy, but it is also about how you portray that vision to your team in order for them to meet the objectives of that business,” she says.

“That is a challenge in itself. How can you project that vision and where the company needs to go? And how do you get them to go there? If you have that, but you haven’t got all the technical knowledge, well, you can learn the technical knowledge. To an extent, it’s the natural leadership that is so important.”

If a candidate can show they can handle both strategy and accountability, then a role as future director is attainable. You just need to the right recruitment guide to be with you.