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How healthy are you? How healthy is your neighbourhood? Find out now with LiveWell Dorset’s new healthy you quiz.

LiveWell has helped 590 people lose weight in DT4, Weymouth; 175 people get active in BH12, Bournemouth; 117 people to cut smoking in BH15, Poole and 179 people to reduce their alcohol consumption in BH23, Christchurch. Find out how people in your postcode are living well. See how healthy your neighbours are!

Lisa quit smoking. Owen lost five stone, completed couch to 5k and no longer takes meds to control his type two diabetes. Lyn faced physical and mental health challenges through exercise; her new antidepressant.

Are you weighed down by extra pounds? Shedding your burden is tough. It takes time, focus and the support of others. Take steps to manage your weight through healthy choices and physical activity. Find out if you’re eligible for a kick-start at your local weight-loss group. Access one-to-one telephone coaching.

Drinking too much too often causes us harm. That extra beer or glass of wine can soon slip into a daily habit. Before we know it, we’re regularly drinking above recommended guidelines. Drinking less will do wonders for your health. Stress less, think more clearly, feel energised and sleep better.

Smoking: that harmful habit that cripples our health and drains our bank balance. Quitting is the most effective thing you can do for your health. Don’t focus on the loss, focus on the gains; your savings goal, adding years to your life; feel and look younger. Switch the words ‘I’m trying to quit’ with the mantra ‘I am a non-smoker’. Make your stop-smoke plan with the support of a LiveWell coach.

Sitting still can make us ill: Getting up and out and moving has tremendous benefits to our health. Small steps lead to big change. All too often, we don’t get our daily dose of exercise. The less we do, the harder it is, yet the more we do, the easier it becomes!

LiveWell has helped more than 25,000 people in Dorset through FREE advice and coaching. You too? Get your LiveWell score today.