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Broadcast on SKY Channel 191 Sunday 10th November, repeated Sunday 1st December 2019 10-11am.

This 15-min programme features specialist metal decking contractor, Composite Profiles, and was filmed over a 6-month period at their head office in Poole, Dorset and at The Stage Shoreditch, London.

Executive TV brings you insights into the future of British industry, as well as exclusive access to leading figures from across the public and private sectors. Innovation is a core focus of their programmes; telling the story of new ideas and how they are impacting companies in Britain.

“Working with O’Shea and SDM Fabrications on this project has been a pleasure.  We all have a shared desire for excellence which has been achieved by collaboration and mutual respect.  The Composite Profiles team all look forward many more projects in the future.” Mark Norton, Managing Director, Composite Profiles


PROGRAMME SUMMARY: ‘Construction in the UK – Setting the Stage’

The UK construction industry has seen substantial growth and innovation over the years. As a result, we have seen a dramatic increase in the standard of projects that have been undertaken and are ongoing. In the past decade, we have witnessed significant changes to how the construction industry operates as businesses continually evolve in an effort to keep pace with technological and societal changes.

The latest programme in our ‘Engineering the Future’ series, looks at the modern nature of the UK construction industry; and one of the major players changing the narrative of construction through big and small scale projects. In this programme, we hear from one of the UK’s first structural metal decking contractors Composite Profiles. As a key player in the UK construction industry, Composite Profiles has evolved to be one of the most respected specialists in the industry.

With thanks to O’Shea and SDM Fabrications for their collaboration and filming access to The Stage Shoreditch.


CTA: Watch live on Sunday 10 Nov and 1 Dec OR online here