Dorchester law team pledges to go plastic free

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Following the lead set by the Damers First School Eco Crew and Litter Free Dorset, Humphries Kirk has joined the campaign for a plastic free Dorchester.

The School is encouraging local businesses to go plastic free, as well as taking in recycling from businesses, in order to fund sustainable projects at the School. Last year, funds raised from recycling were put towards building a bird hide on the School grounds, and this year’s funds will contribute to the development of a pond.

Howard Yarnold, Partner at Humphries Kirk, commented: “We are all so inspired by the campaign that these children have created, it’s wonderful to see them taking such a vested interest in the future of our world. We will certainly all endeavour to do our best to reduce plastic use in our personal lives, as well as within the office.”

The office has swapped all disposable plates and cups used for meetings and drinks for guests to ceramic crockery, and staff have committed to using refillable water bottles and glasses instead of single use plastic bottles. Posters will only be laminated when necessary, such as for hygiene purposes, otherwise click-on poster covers will be reused to present marketing materials.

Edd Moore, year three teacher and eco co-ordinator at Damers First School, added: “It is so humbling to see how many businesses are keen to get involved on our mission to create a plastic free Dorchester. If anyone would like to get in touch and find out how they can pledge, then we would encourage them to do so as the little steps all make a difference towards a bigger goal.”

The School has also recently built a chicken castle, and the children have researched what breeds to gets and how to look after them. Any eggs produced will be used in the School kitchen.