Employee Engagement Directly Linked to Bottom Line

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If employees are truly a company’s best asset, then their care and support should be a priority – right?

Employees don’t leave their personalities at the door when they come to work, being respected as an individual at work, can have a significant impact on how employees view their lives overall.

Tapping into and respecting each person’s unique qualities is something that extends well beyond the job description and can drive the employee’s performance and personal success onward, increasing a feeling of well-being.

Leaders and managers should know their people. Really know them – not just what they do, but who they are. Every interaction with an employee has the potential to influence his or her engagement and inspire greater effort. Employee engagement has a direct link to bottom line profit to, so a strategy where employee engagement features is likely to be a strategy for success.

(Source – Gallup/Business Journal)

Driving employee engagement locally

The founder of a local company who describes the service he provides to businesses as “a ‘popup’ in house lunchtime service for your firm. We arrive, we provide a daily plated sit down lunch service for your staff, we clean up the mess and go home!” reports benefits such as this:

  • Colleagues leave their desks and computers and actually talk to each other
  • Informal, human interactions encourage emotional responses and positive feelings
  • Break down silos and barriers and ignore job titles – anybody can sit with anybody
  • Management get real information from the horses’ mouth

In addition he says this initiative will:

  • Deliver increased staff retention and lower recruitment costs
  • Improve a firms attractiveness to potential candidates
  • Boost staff engagement – increase your employee Net Promoter Score
  • Develop your company culture

Contact Helen Stacey at www.aspirejobs.co.uk for more information.