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Entrepreneurs are missing hidden opportunities because they’re not making the most of their sales and marketing data, warns Dorset marketing agency Intergage.

Too many SMEs understandably treat data as a compliance chore – instead of seizing the exciting opportunities to boost sales.

Five obstacles are holding firms back:

  • disjointed systems that undermine sales and marketing efficiency
  • decaying data, disengaged audiences and poor segmentation
  • a lack of the right kind of data
  • the absence of a data strategy
  • failure to analyse website performance, campaign conversion rates and customer journeys.

Intergage Managing Director Paul Tansey said: “Many SMEs are finding life tougher because of huge ongoing changes in the world of marketing.

“Buyer behaviour has changed significantly. Google, Facebook and the other global platforms are making life easier for themselves but harder for everyone else.

“In times like these your greatest ally is your database – but few companies truly make the best of it.”

Intergage is joining forces with Hampshire data specialist DQ Global and Dorset law firm Coles Miller to help firms get more business from their data.

For further details, contact Intergage on, 01202 308902 or visit  https://marketing.intergage.co.uk/the-power-of-data-for-business-growth