Talbot Village Trust helps Wimborne Model Town

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Talbot Village Trust has donated more than £2,500 to Wimborne Model Town and Gardens to allow the charity to complete its 1950s school and shop education area.

The grant giving charity, Talbot Village Trust, provided the model town with the funds required to set up and run the 1950s school and shop education area, which has helped to develop the school visit programme. This new area will give children an insight into what education and retail would have been like in the 50s.

Funding was also received to support the model town’s water sustainability project that collects rainwater and reduces the main water usage through state-of-the-art digital technology.

Greg Hoar, general manager of Wimborne Model Town and Gardens, said: “We are very grateful to Talbot Village Trust for their grant which has enabled us to complete our 1950s school and shop project. This in return has allowed us to broaden our remit as an education charity.

“On average we receive 26,000 visitors each year and so we are pleased to have received the funding required to put the wheels into motion for our water sustainability plan, which will allow us to keep our operating costs down in the future.”

Russell Lucas-Rowe, Trustee of Talbot Village Trust, added: “The model town has been part of Wimborne since the 1950s and it continues to teach new generations about the town’s history. We therefore believed it was fundamental to provide the charity with the funds required to enhance its education offering.”

Talbot Village Trust meets biannually and is accepting applications for funding from both previous and new applicants in the area before the Trustees meet in spring 2020. Please go to www.talbotvillagetrust.org for more information.