Retail is Detail.

Its right under our noses, the high street is in peril. The way we shop has changed and town centre shopping is becoming a thing of the past for today’s’ millennial’s.

The cataclysmic rise in e-commerce is of course a factor, whilst buying patterns and shopper habits continue to adapt which is not the best news for the high street. With the recent closure of numerous well known shop “Brands,” what does the future hold?

At Rock we believe strongly that businesses need to start looking beyond a candidate’s CV in order to find the perfect person for their team. Skillsets, personality and company fit can be as important as qualifications. Many retail sector workers  are seeking new opportunity and may hold strong expertise and skills to step into another role in a completely different industry.

Retail workers have great transferable skills, and at Rock we help to identify, nurture and empower people for a career change.

It’s important to remember that you can teach someone how to do something but passion, drive and determination come from within.